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About Sjölins Upper Secondary School

Our educational concept is based on a holistic view of knowledge. We believe that combining different subjects contextually enhances learning. For this reason, we teach through the Case Methodology, a didactic system stemming from Harvard University. More specifically, The Case Method is rooted in a reality and subject-based approach, meaning that we combine curricular subjects with topics, themes, situations, and events relevant to present society. Aside from its engaging nature, it prepares our students for the future; professionally, academically, and socially.

Sjölins are part of AcadeMedia, which is Northern Europe’s largest educational company. We are active throughout the education chain: preschool, elementary school, upper secondary school/high school and adult education. More information can be found at: www.academedia.se.

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What is case?

Our teaching is mainly organized through different cases. A case normally carries on for 6 weeks, and is based on a real event, situation, or dilemma, that conjoins courses and subjects thematically. Each case period starts with an engaging, and thought-provoking start-up, where the main issue or dilemma of the case is presented. After follows an investigative section when the students are allowed to examine the question or dilemma at hand through a variety of teacher led activities. The most case-characteristic activity is the seminar, which is an occasion where the students discuss and compare different relevant perspectives. Each case has a clear conclusion that contains presentations and examinations of different kinds. Examinations and assessments, however, take place throughout the case, and when it ends.

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Our schools are committed to supporting international educational cooperation, enabling our students to take part in an international project with partner schools, all over the world. We strongly believe this international exchange of knowledge and culture is an important part of our international social responsibility to increase and improve education for both our own students and students in our partner schools.

Our schools

Sjölins consists of five schools; one in Gothenburg, three schools in Stockholm and one in Malmö.

At Sjölins Gymnasium, we conduct upper secondary education in the following programs.

– Economics
– The Natural Science Program
– The Social Science Program